Garvin's Funeral Service
Garvin's Funeral Service

When a death occurs

If a death occurs at home there are a number of people who should be contacted as soon as possible:

  • The family doctor
  • The nearest relatives
  • The funeral director
  • The relevant minister of religion (if appropriate)


If a death occurs in hospital or at a private nursing home, contact the funeral director.


Pre-arranged Funerals

Some people wish to make provision for their own funeral.  This enables decisions to be made in a calm environment without the emotional upset which may occur when a death takes place.  Payment is guaranteed to cover the funeral director’s costs specified in the Purchase Agreement. Disbursements (i.e. cemetery fees, newspaper insertions, church fees, etc) which are outside the control of the funeral director may incur additional expense if these costs increase at a rate greater than inflation - the next-of-kin or the deceased’s estate would be required to pay the shortfall.


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